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Pioneering Holistic Wealth Management

Explore Julia M. Carlson's innovative approach to wealth management, emphasizing personalized strategies and values alignment.

Financial Literacy Advocacy

Uncover Julia's initiatives and efforts in promoting financial literacy within communities, highlighting the positive impact on individuals and families.

Spotlight on "Money Loves You" Book

Dive into the key themes of Carlson's book, "Money Loves You," and examine how it challenges conventional financial wisdom. Learn keys to transforming your relationship with money to grow your wealth, including understanding the connection between self-worth and wealth, how to stop sabotaging your wealth, and the single best thing you can do to grow your wealth.

The Future of Financial Advisory Services

Investigate Julia M. Carlson's insights into the evolving landscape of financial advisory services, considering technological advancements and changing client expectations.
Learn strategies for retirement savings in the face of economic volatility. Julia shares insights and tips for individuals looking to secure their retirement amidst uncertain times.

Financial Literacy Education in the Digital Age

Examine the role of digital platforms in promoting financial literacy, drawing from insights by Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group. Explore how online resources and tools are making financial education more accessible to individuals of all ages.

What’s Your Money Identity?

Are you an avoider, a novice, or a free spirit when it comes to your money? Or perhaps you are a savvy steward with strong habits saving for the future but difficulty enjoying the present. Learn how to discover your money identity, the invisible power that will either hold you back or advance your ability to achieve your dreams. Julia explains how to upgrade your identity with money so it serves you better.

The Surprising Truth About Financial Freedom

Before we can get the rewards of financial confidence and freedom, we must be willing to see the truth and “look into our financial mirror.” Julia explains why acknowledging our desires is the key to changing our behaviors, and how we can use that knowledge to change our financial behavior, build wealth and achieve goals.
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